Radiant Heating

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Viega Radiant Floor Heating Systems offer the following benefits over traditional forced air and other hydronic systems:

Comfort - Viega ProRadiant Systems deliver consistent, steady heat all winter long. It is a desirable warm feet, cool head environment.

Efficiency - Being in direct contact with the heat source, Viega homeowners are comfortable at a lower temperature setting. The result is energy savings between 10 and 30%.

Versatility - Viega systems can be installed in new construction and existing homes, over wood or concrete; easy to connect for new additions or outside applications.

Adds value to your home - Installing Viega ProRadiant Heating Systems in slab or basement applications turns cold, damp areas into warm, cozy living spaces.

Easier to maintain - You have no filters or ducts to clean.

Healthier - You have no dry air blowing dust or allergens throughout the home.

Quieter - You have no fans or blowers required.

Better heat retention - You have less heat loss through walls and ceilings.

Zoning ability - Viega ProRadiant Heating Systems provide room-to-room temperature control, allowing you to heat only the rooms you are using.

Decorating freedom - without vents, radiators or cold air returns, you put furniture where you want it.

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